Bonding Routers

The next generation bonding solution


  • Classic

  • Rugged




  • Classic

  • Rugged

Our solutions are designed to work the moment you plug them in, helping you to be as efficient as possible.


Rugged VPN is the next generation firmware enabling routers to achieve their full potential out-of-the-box.

Whatever area you work in, these new features will make it easier to guarantee a rock-solid connection for your critical applications, whether you’re at the office, on the road, or in the field. Boost your effectiveness with Rugged VPN and get:


Optimized performance


  • Significantly increased bonding capacity
  • Lower latencies and less jitter, allowing faster transmission of real-time information without buffering – optimal for audio & video broadcasts


A more flexible network architecture


  • More users and locations can be connected per hub
  • VLAN routing via WAN
  • Future-proofing–with support for IPv6 and Jumbo Frames / IP fragmentation


A breakthrough to network redundancy

  • As low as 0% packet loss with the new Distributed Forward Error Correction (DFEC) technology, a RAID-type redundancy to correct errors without retransmission

Increased efficiency

  • Data compression: Most data is already compressed, RuggedVPN uses adaptive compression if the flow is compressible. With real-life user traffic, this results in 30% more throughput!


  • IP header compression: Saves bandwidth for your content: Viprinet RuggedVPN compresses headers down to ~8 Bytes – 4% more throughput!


  • How big are uncompressed headers? 40–60 bytes — IPv4 = 20; IPv6 = 40 + TCP Header = 20. At an MTU of 1500, this results in a 4% header overhead for full-sized frames, much more for smaller frames (ACK packets)


  • Jumbo dynamic frame sizes of up to 32k and IP Fragmentation Support: IP Fragments reassembled on entry and disassembled when moving towards to the LAN, seen as Jumbo Frames inside routing core

Improved scalability

  • Support a higher number of users and locations without buying more hubs
  • Connect VLANs via WAN (VLAN-Routing)
  • IPv6 support
  • Dual-Stack approach
  • Fully integrated
  • Stateless and stateful auto-configuration supported on the LAN

Increased fidelity

  • Distributed Forward Error Correction ensures that your packets get there every time
  • Keeps latency values low by preventing congestion
  • Optimal for audio/video transmission, even from moving vehicles