Media Streaming

Our media streaming service is a comprehensive offering that enables you and your business to display the highest quality content to your consumers

Media Streaming Services

The way that the public consumes its media is changing. 5 years ago, 4K and Ultra HD were a pipe dream. However, as is the way, we keep developing and now this technology is almost expected as standard, whether it be the general public, businesses at exhibitions, surveillance systems, e-learning platforms or VoIP centres.


Being able to stream content in the highest possible is often a huge challenge for businesses who are on the move, or who have to deal with venue Wi-Fi. This is where XCommNet can step in and provide solutions that truly make a difference to your business.

Our Experience


At XCommNet we don’t just talk about our technology, we highlight how our solutions are proven in some of the toughest environments. Our Media Streaming service has been deployed in the following ways:


  • Media coverage of festivals
  • BBC News reporting
  • Streaming 360 video
  • Hosting webinars
  • Outside radio broadcasts

Technically Speaking


XCommNet provides a special bonding mode for professional video streaming. DSL, UMTS / 3G, and LTE / 4G, in any combination, are the ideal medium for high-quality and reliable video streams.


The auto-tuning streaming optimization mode is designed for streaming applications and improves the transfer of very latency sensitive data through unreliable media such as UMTS / 3G.


Mediaport™ is ideal for special events, will work on the street and in vehicles, and delivers a fast, secure connection to the internet or your corporate LAN.

Why XCommNet?


XCommNet has built up a fantastic reputation over a number of years for deploying fast, secure and reliable media streaming solutions.


Our difference is very much in the detail, and our expert team are meticulous when it comes to understanding our customers’ requirements and then applying our solutions accordingly.

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