XCommNet enabled 360 live streaming at special event

Earlier this week XCommNet helped provide an innovative and interactive 360 livestream video at a very special Aerobility event.

The day was organised by the Aerobility charity and the AeroSPARX air-display team who provided children from the Stepping Stones school with a chance to fly in the world-renowned AeroSPARX aircraft. To make the experience even more immersive for those attending, the XCommNet team quickly deployed an SD-WAN connection and a 360 live-stream camera into one of the aircraft and the live experience in the cockpit was then streamed back to the ground where the children could see their friends 3,000 feet in the air!

Mario Matinelli and Dominic Scott, Directors at XCommNet, said: “It was a privilege to attend yesterday’s event and we would like to thank Aerobility for inviting us along. We were delighted to see so many people enjoying the 360 live stream that we delivered. Today gave us an opportunity to showcase our capability of providing network connectivity in some of the most challenging of environments. Our technology was able to provide a constant live stream, even when the aircraft was performing a ‘loop. This demonstrates our ability to ensure that businesses can have access to a fast, secure and resilient connection no matter the circumstance.

“We have worked with many clients on a variety of projects across a multitude of industries, including; Construction, Military, Aviation and Marine, with fantastic results and feedback.”

For more information please contact Thomas Peace, PR Manager, via pr@xcommnet.com