The UK’s 4G coverage lagging

The UK’s 4G coverage lagging

The UK’s 4G network coverage has been ranked as the 54th in the world by government appointed experts.

Everything grinds to a halt when your internet’s going slowly. This effects all aspects of modern life. It can disrupt your work if you’re using a smartphone to do emails on the move or working on your laptop when you’re on the train. It effects your leisure time as your Spotify playlist comes to an abrupt stop or the climactic moment of the film you’re watching on Netflix is ruined by the swirling circle of slow connectivity. It can even get you lost when your mobile phone’s maps app loses connection and you’re left stranded in an unfamiliar place.

There has been particular criticism of 4G coverage on the UK’s motorways and trains, which can severely decrease the productivity of those who need to work on the move. In a world where we’re supposedly ‘constantly connected’, we spend a surprising amount of time disconnected.

One solution to this is to wait until sometime after 2020, when it is expected that a new ‘5G’ network will be rolled out worldwide. We can offer you a much better option: never be stranded with slow or non-existent internet; get in contact today and find out how an XCommNet internet solution could benefit you. We’re portable, we’re reliable, we’re secure, and we’re fast.

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