Jet Propelled Internet for Jet Propelled Planes

Jet Propelled Internet for Jet Propelled Planes

From horseboxes to yachts, XCommNet’s super-fast internet bonding service is quickly becoming a necessity in luxury transport. The sky’s the limit, which is why XCommNet were thrilled to have the opportunity to trial their internet bonding solution on-board the aircraft of Excellence Aviation.

About Excellence Aviation

Excellence Aviation specialise in maintaining private jets, they go beyond requirements to ensure that your aeroplane is as safe and as comfortable as possible. XCommNet hope that their unrivalled high-speed internet connection can become an integral part of Excellence Aviation’s bespoke services.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Whether you want to kick back and relax after a long flight or get straight down to business, no private jet is complete without a high-speed broadband connection.

From the moment the plane touched down in Nigeria it had an unparalleled high-speed connection. With the internet at their disposal, passengers didn’t have to waste a single second before getting online. XCommNet gives you the ability to efficiently manage your business activities from anywhere in the world.

The Pilots

It’s not just the passengers who benefit from XCommNet’s services; the pilots do too. Some planes currently rely on a low-speed internet connection or even a mobile phone to update data on-board, a time-consuming and expensive activity. Solutions such as retrofitting planes with new satellite systems can be very pricey, but XCommNet are changing that. With an XCommNet solution on-board, pilots can update their internal systems in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

The Cost

Time is money, and XCommNet can help you save both. As well as being a far more economical alternative to overpriced satellite navigation systems, XCommNet’s versatility makes it a piece of ‘mobile technology’. This means that you can take XCommNet’s hand-luggage-sized solutions with you wherever you go, whether you’re driving ten miles down the road or flying 3,000 miles across the Atlantic. It also means that XCommNet’s solutions don’t require the expensive certification required for in-built aeroplane equipment, making it significantly more practical and economical.

The Future

XCommNet’s solutions move as fast as the technology behind them. Because of their portable nature, they’re far easier to upgrade and replace than the integrated systems that many jets and other luxury vehicles employ. Why get stuck with instantly outdated technology when you could have an XCommNet solution instead?

Find Out More

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