Vehicle Internet

From luxury cars to tour buses, XCommNet’s internet solutions are the ideal choice for internet connections in vehicles.


Unlike other options, they don’t rely on a single internet provider’s coverage or traffic. Instead, they combine all available signals to give you the fastest, most reliable internet connection possible.

The technical side:


Mobile radio is a medium shared with other customers and does not always provide a guaranteed bandwidth and speed. The bandwidth varies from one radio cell to the next, depending on the number of connected users and the internet connection of the radio cell.


Additionally, a radio cell only covers a small area, so that moving receivers have to select a new radio cell after a short time. The mobile phone networks from individual providers also differ regarding coverage area.


We offer a solution for stable broadband internet on board, based on our Viprinet router which is capable of bonding connections from multiple providers. Using this technology means that the failure of a single connection only causes a reduction of total bandwidth available, while user sessions of applications are maintained. Passengers will not be interrupted while surfing the internet.


Vehicles customers are required to purchase or rent a Viprinet Multichannel Router and to subscribe to one of our Bonding Service packages. We will advise you on the best device for your needs. Routers are sent to our customers pre-configured and the device can be fine-tuned remotely.

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