Bonding Service

We’ve all been to places with a weak internet signal; it’s frustrating and unproductive. XCommNet’s bonding service takes the available signals from different internet providers and combines them to create a fast internet connection.

The technical side:


  • The internet connection has a maximum speed of 200Mbps


  • Our multichannel routers can establish multiple wired and wireless connections from any service provider including DSL, Cable, T1 , E1, MPLS, 3G, 4G, satellite and many more with NO COORDINATION required with the Internet Service Providers (ISP’s).


  • Routers are stackable and modular, providing flexibility as and when required.


  • As a bonding service provider (BSP) we offer our customers packaged capacity on our Hub or on a dedicated Hub in our data center and we ensures that the Multichannel routers are terminated correctly.


  • Our customers are required to purchase or rent a Viprinet Multichannel Router and to subscribe to one of our Bonding Service packages.

Find out what XCommNet as Viprinet partner can do for you.

Pricing Table

Below is a guide of our most common service packages for VPN200, VPN300, VPN500 routers, if you have any further requirement please do not hesitate to contacts us. All prices exclude VAT.

  • Bonding Service Packages

  • Monthly usage
  • Public IP network range
  • Email support
  • UK Public IP
  • Super Secure VPN
  • Data usage reporting
  • Channel monitoring (email alert)
  • Advanced router dashboard
  • Rugged firmware VPN310
  • Rugged firmware VPN5xx
  • Rugged firmware VPN26xx
  • 24x7 support credits
  • Bespoke features

Features Explained

Monthly usage

Your monthly usage is the amount of internet data you can use every month as part of your chosen monthly plan. Unused monthly usage allowance included with your package is not rolled over.Monthly Usage

Public IP network range

This feature is applicable to business customers where XCommNet can assign public IP ranges to their routers e.g. /30 or /29. Below is an example of a typical configuration when using public IP ranges.Public IP range

UK Public IP

All XCommNet routers are pre-configured with a UK public IP. This is important when you need to be recognized as browsing from the United Kingdom, e.g. when making financial transactions or watching internet TV. With mobile routers you can take your UK IP virtually anywhere.

UK Public IP

Super Secure VPN

XCommNet’s VPN security is virtually unbreakable. Each network packet is divided into multiple pieces, encrypted, and sent via different channels. Even if fragments from one channel were intercepted, the data would be unreadable and unusable. Read more here.


Military Grade Security

Data usage reporting

Data Usage Reporting

Advanced router dashboard

Router Dashboard

Channel monitoring (email alert)

Channel Alert Monitoring

Rugged VPN Firmware

RuggedVPN is the next generation firmware enabling routers to achieve their full potential out-of-the-box.


Whatever area you work in, these new features will make it easier to guarantee a rock-solid connection for your critical applications, whether you’re at the office, on the road, or in the field. Boost your effectiveness with RuggedVPN and get:


Optimized performance


  • Significantly increased bonding capacity


  • As low as 0% packet loss with our new Distributed Forward Error Correction (DFEC) technology


  • Lower latencies and less jitter, allowing faster transmission of real-time information without buffering – optimal for audio & video broadcasts



A more flexible network architecture


  • More users and locations can be connected per hub


  • VLAN routing via WAN


  • Future-proofing–with support for IPv6 and Jumbo Frames / IP fragmentation
24x7 support credit

XCommNet provide standard support during “Normal working hours”, Monday to Friday from 9AM to 6PM excluding UK bank holidays. We also support customers outside “Normal working hours” through this option where customers can purchase “out of hours” support credits. Please contacts us for further information.24x7 Support