Media Streaming

Our advanced technology ensures that media can be transmitted smoothly. It’s perfectly suited to live streaming, internet radio, conferencing systems, surveillance systems, e-learning platforms, and VoIP centres.

Video and audio streaming brings live events and situations directly to you, and, in critical situations, decisions can be made as if you were there.


The technology has previously been used for:


  • Media coverage of festivals
  • BBC News reporting
  • Streaming 360° video
  • Hosting webinars
  • Outside radio broadcasts

The technical side:


We offer a special bonding mode for professional video streaming. DSL, UMTS / 3G, and LTE / 4G, in any combination, are the ideal medium for high-quality and reliable video streams.


The autotuning streaming optimization mode is designed for streaming applications and improves the transfer of very latency sensitive data through unreliable media such as UMTS / 3G.


Mediaport™ is ideal for special events, will work on the street and in vehicles, and delivers a fast, secure connection to the internet or your corporate LAN.

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