Virtual Leased Line

XCommNet’s virtual leased line provides you with the fast, affordable, and hassle free internet connection that you need to do your job. It takes the available signals from different internet providers and combines them to create a fast internet connection.

The technical side:


When considering increasing their bandwidth, often business find that traditional leased lines offer low speeds at a disproportionately high cost when compared to technologies such as DSL. Virtual Leased Lines offered by XCommNet are a much cheaper alternative. By combining the bandwidth of multiple consumer connections, businesses can benefit from increased bandwidth and reliability at lower cost. Our Virtual Leased Lines uses state of the art Viprinet multichannel routers to create a connection which aggregates the speeds of the individual available connections. Routers are adaptive to changes in the bandwidth and the quality of the technology utilized by each channel.


Virtual Leased Lines customers are required to purchase or rent a Viprinet Multichannel Router and to subscribe to one of our Bonding Service packages. We will advise you on the best device for your needs. Routers are sent to our customers pre-configured and the device can be fine-tuned remotely.

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